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Give the Land Back it's Name - Kid


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WE all know what is happening to Black and Brown people in the United States. From Immigration to Racism, we experience the highest forms of oppression and violence. Our people need healing and this where you and I come in...

Remember so you may never forget our power.

I believe a major part of disenfranchisement in our society is our act of collective amnesia. For a lot of of folks, this forgetting isn't intentional. We move through our lives knowing what we know until someone comes into your life and reminds us that there is more.

When the process of colonization happen on Turtle Island (New World) about 500 years ago, the first place they came was to the "Caribbean." They came to “La Isla Espanola” which Christopher Columbus renamed from Ayiti (Haiti) and Kiskeya (Dominican Republic). Renaming is a violent act of appropriation. It is how we learn to forget and to adapt as outsiders to our own lands. It is an initiation into our genocidal murder, rape, erasure of language, spirituality, eco-systems, and culture.

Forgetting who you are is a form of mental illness.

A large part of my own healing comes with me trying to reconcile this lost, try to recollect and remember. The challenge is that this forgetting spans GENERATIONS of burnings. A lot of the time, I feel like I am deciphering from the ashes.

I started this campaign because I wants to rediscover, reflect, and respect the medicine of the land we spring up from. I want us to come together. To see our commonality and see that my healing is our collective healing.

The way that I want to heal this land is through the sacred initiations of reproductive justice work that starts before birth.

When we start renaming things, we lose the names of our ancestry, our power, and our identity in relationship with the land. We lose ourselves in the process. We forget our medicine, our foodways, and our relationship to the Earth and Sky.

Taino people were highly organize healers, agriculturalist, and hunters. Good people. People of harmony and ceremony. We didn’t deserve to die like this. We don’t deserve to be forgotten. One of my distant goals is to go back to Kiskeya and to serve as a holistic midwife. Help me with this journey by purchasing and sharing this shirt. Talk about us and remember who you are, so that you may heal and live fully.

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